J.P.モルガン 日本代表 李家輝さまが大阪の「HELLOlife by J.P.モルガン」に来館されました

Followed by English translation.
2022年2月、J.P.モルガンの日本事業責任者である李家輝さま(JPモルガン証券株式会社 代表取締役 社長 兼 CEO、JPモルガン・チェース銀行 東京支店 日本における代表者 兼東京支店長)が、大阪本町の拠点「HELLOlife by J.P.モルガン」に来館されました。


HELLOlifeは2021年12月にJ.P.モルガンをパートナーに迎え、「HELLOlife by J.P.モルガン」として、多種多様な就労支援プロジェクト・コンテンツを実施。取り組みをご説明しながら、各階をご案内しました。

※プレスリリース:NPO×企業で実現させる職安「HELLOlife by J.P.モルガン」職安施設のネーミングライツ & 女性向けマネープランニング付き就労支援プログラム始動!

ご案内の後は、大阪の就労支援の現場についてや、J.P.モルガンに支援いただいているプロジェクト「SONAERU CAREER(ソナエルキャリア)」や「コタツ転職EXPO by NANKAI」についてお話しました。






J.P. Morgan’s Representative in Japan, Mr. Steve Rinoie , visits “HELLOlife by J.P. Morgan” in Osaka (English)

In February 2022, J.P. Morgan’s representative in Japan, Mr. Steve Rinoie (Representative Director, President and CEO of JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Branch Manager and Representative in Japan of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Tokyo Branch) visited our “HELLOlife by J.P. Morgan”facility in Honmachi, Osaka.

J.P. Morgan is committed to help build an inclusive global economy that works for everyone. Diversity and inclusion are critical to the firm’s corporate culture, and the firm makes targetted philanthropic investments to local and regional non-profits that support women across Asia Pacific to advance their careers, start or grow a small business or improve their financial health.

In December 2021, HELLOlife and J.P. Morgan became partners and have been implementing a wide variety of employment support projects and contents as “HELLOlife by J.P. Morgan”. We guided him around each floor while explaining this initiative on site.

※Press Release: “HELLOlife by J.P. Morgan,” Job Security Made Possible by NPO and Company. Naming rights for job security facility & launch of career support program with money planning for women!

After the guide, we discussed the situation of employment support in Osaka, the project “SONAERU CAREER” and “Kotatsu Jobchange EXPO by NANKAI” that are supported by J.P. Morgan.


This is a career school that incorporates a money planning perspective to prepare women for risks. At J.P. Morgan, employees are encouraged to cultivate a commitment to social contribution and to gain experience. In addition to financial support, J.P. Morgan employees who are passionate about supporting women are involved in the operation of the program as volunteers.

Click here to see the 1st cohort report (Japanese)

Kotatsu Jobchange EXPO by NANKAI
This is a program-facilitated job fair where companies and job seekers get into kotatsu and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Companies that provide a comfortable working environment for women also participated.

It was an honor to host him and great encouragement. HELLOlife will continue to take on the challenge of creating a diverse and sustainable employment safety net that reaches people from all walks of life through collaboration with J.P. Morgan.